Truck Accident Lawyer – The Insurance Adjuster Is Not Your Friend


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Insurance Adjusters Make Their Living by Denying Your Big Rig Accident Claim

Insurance adjusters are the first line of defense against you. And they are very effective. They help their employer while creating the illusion that they’re helping you. It’s their job to save their companies untold millions by denying your claim or underestimating the cost of the accident by any means necessary. Tractor-trailer accidents tend to be the most expensive insurance claims. So the most experienced adjusters are assigned to them. And they cut their teeth on injured people such as you. More info on this website

An adjuster behaves like your long-lost friend and goes to great lengths to convince you that all will be well and that your needs will be met. They cleverly act like your “good hands” auto insurance agent. Then the adjuster turns around and works his destructive magic. Often they try and record you saying something innocent or out-of-context that can be later twisted into sounding like you are admitting liability. This alone can cripple your chance to receive fair compensation.

The trucking company’s insurance adjuster and the companies that employ them conspire to further their own interests and keep their money: not yours. Some unscrupulous adjusters will even try to deceptively convince uninformed accident victims to quickly sign away their legal right to sue in exchange for a swift, shoddy settlement that could never fairly compensate them for injuries or other losses from a tractor-trailer accident. The insurance industry, adjusters, and defense lawyers love nothing more than finding a victim who tries to represent himself or themselves or one who hires an attorney who is not equipped to fight them. It’s easy for them to lead legal novices to disappointment and defeat. This underhanded behavior alone should prove why you need an aggressive tractor-trailer accident attorney who knows how to thwart the tactics of the insurance companies and their adjusters to win the fairest injury compensation. Only a history of success and experience with tractor-trailer injury accident lawyers like our Law Office will foil these unscrupulous insurance adjusters, frighten their employers into a fair settlement, or defeat them and their attorneys in court if they insist on a trial. Insurance companies even fight injury claims before the accidents occur. Their attorneys are either on staff or on permanent retainer. They’re perfect and are just waiting to take on your personal injury claim. They specialize in cases like yours and know every trick in the book that it takes to win. Insurance adjusters and their lawyers race to the scene of an accident and begin investigating to build a case against you while you are still in the ICU. You only get one bite at the apple, which is why you (or your family if you are incapacitated) mustn’t hesitate to find a Texas trucking accident injury law firm to help you quickly.

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