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Have you experienced dog bites, dog bite injuries, or animal attacks? Our dog bite attorney team can help. Our personal injury attorneys represent many dog bite injury victims every year and know what it takes to make sure you get fair compensation from insurance companies. Be sure to take photos of the dog bites and animal attacks before contacting any dog bite attorney. Many times small children get overly excited about a cute animal and want to rush to pet it. Caution should always be used when approaching an animal that you do not know because a dog bite injury can be bite lawyers

Our dog bite attorney team is experienced with dog bite injuries and knows how to get the settlement for you that you deserve.
Ways to prevent dog bite injuries:

Do not leave young children unattended around animals.
Do not go near a dog that is chained up.
Put an item between yourself and animals when they look like they will try to attack so that the animal bites that first.
Do not try to separate two fighting animals.
Do not try to pet an animal in an empty vehicle.
Do not walk too close to the animals’ yard without a fence.
Do not go near animals you do not know.
Do not bother animals while they are eating.
Ask the owner of the animal on the leash if the animal bites before approaching to touch it.
Be careful around an animal that has just been purchased. The seller may not know the history of the animal.

Dog Breeds with Higher Animal Attack Rates:

Bull Terrier
Doberman Pinscher
German Shepherd
Great Dane
Siberian Husky

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Contact us right now to discuss how we can help you get fair compensation. Our dog bite attorneys are experts on this matter and will protect you during your legal claim. You want a dog bite attorney who is confident and experienced in this area of dog bite injury. Our Law Firm has a great dog bite attorney team to help you.

Call our attorneys for your dog bite injury.

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