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Dog Bite Attorney

Have you experienced dog bites, dog bite injuries, or animal attacks? Our dog bite attorney team can help. Our personal injury attorneys represent many dog bite injury victims every year and know what it takes to make sure you get fair compensation from insurance companies. Be sure to take photos of the dog bites and animal attacks before contacting any dog bite attorney. Many times small children get overly excited about a cute animal and want to rush to pet it. Caution should always be used when approaching an animal that you do not know because a dog bite injury can be bite lawyers

Our dog bite attorney team is experienced with dog bite injuries and knows how to get the settlement for you that you deserve.
Ways to prevent dog bite injuries:

Do not leave young children unattended around animals.
Do not go near a dog that is chained up.
Put an item between yourself and animals when they look like they will try to attack so that the animal bites that first.
Do not try to separate two fighting animals.
Do not try to pet an animal in an empty vehicle.
Do not walk too close to the animals’ yard without a fence.
Do not go near animals you do not know.
Do not bother animals while they are eating.
Ask the owner of the animal on the leash if the animal bites before approaching to touch it.
Be careful around an animal that has just been purchased. The seller may not know the history of the animal.

Dog Breeds with Higher Animal Attack Rates:

Bull Terrier
Doberman Pinscher
German Shepherd
Great Dane
Siberian Husky

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Contact us right now to discuss how we can help you get fair compensation. Our dog bite attorneys are experts on this matter and will protect you during your legal claim. You want a dog bite attorney who is confident and experienced in this area of dog bite injury. Our Law Firm has a great dog bite attorney team to help you.

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Final Settlement of Your Case – Personal Injury Lawyers

Final Settlement of Your Case

If you have a permanent injury, your employer’s workers’ compensation provider may want to reach a settlement with you, rather than paying you benefits over the course of your lifetime. How you structure the settlement is important and could affect your ability to receive additional workers’ compensation benefits and other types of benefits, including Social Security Disability (SSDI) and settlement

If you have been injured in a work related accident, protect your rights by retaining an attorney. Contact Our Law Office today.

Avoiding SSDI and Medicare Pitfalls

The amount of workers’ compensation benefits you receive could affect your right to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments and Medicare medical benefits. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney may be able to structure your workers’ compensation settlement in a way that protects your ability to receive SSDI and Medicare assistance.

Putting More than 35 Years of Experience to Work for You
Our attorneys have been handling workers’ compensation cases on behalf of workers since 1974. As experienced advocates, we understand the system and its potential pitfalls. We know how to handle the insurance company and how to defend your rights. We will work to help you obtain a full settlement of all your rightful benefits. We can also help you obtain a partial settlement of your future benefits. This is important if you want to protect your future rights or medical benefits.

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If you have been injured in a work related accident, do not make the mistake of trying to handle your case on your own. Employers have attorneys working on their side and know how to take advantage of the system if you are not represented by an experienced lawyer.

To get the experienced and dedicated representation you need and deserve, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

Auto Accidents – Personal Injury Lawyers

Auto Accidents

Hundreds of traffic wrecks happen every day on the highways and roads in your state. The most difficult part in the investigation process is to determine who is the victim and who is to blame for the accident. Quite often the individuals involved lie about the road situation in order to avoid potential criminal or financial consequences. Even if you are not at fault for the accident, be prepared that the other party may lie about the circumstances under which the crash occurred. This is why you will need an auto accident attorney to investigate the case and legally defend your rights and interests. If you have no reputable name in mind or you have never dealt with personal injury cases before call our office for a free consultation. We will be happy to assist you and explain what your chances for a settlement are.Personal Injury Attorneys

Steps you need to follow.

There are a few steps, however, that you need to follow immediately after the auto accident occurs to make sure that the investigation will run smoothly from that point on:

You need to make a detailed documentation of the accident – collect evidence for the case, ask some witnesses to make a statement to the police and get their numbers if further assistance is needed, take some pictures with your phone or camera and exchange auto insurance and driver’s license details with the other party involved.

Detail your side of the story by filing a police report right away if you are not severely injured and immediately taken to the emergency room. This report will be vital for your insurance company and the calculation of your compensation.

Call your insurance company immediately after you finish with step two. They do not want to give away money and will do anything possible to defend the position that you are the victim of the auto accident using all the facts that you have collected at the spot of the crash.

If your insurance company couldn’t prove that you are not the guilty party in the auto wreck case they should take your claim to mediation. If even that mediation does not get you to the desired positive outcome of the case you may want to hire a reputable car accident attorney to escalate the claim and taking it to arbitration. This is exactly where we can help you. Our firm has been handling car accident claims for decades and we have a great track record for large settlements.

If you are involved in a minor auto accident where no one is injured, the police officer to appear at the scene will be the one responsible for the preparation of the auto accident report, meaning that he will be the one to talk to all involved parties and witnesses and investigate whose fault the accident was, no matter if it was a car crash, motorcycle accident or a delivery truck wreck. The local authorities will then make the final decisions and file the complete accident report. Of course, the insurance companies involved will then obtain all the information they need to estimate the compensation for the parties involved from that report.

If you or someone in your family has been involved in an accident, call our office today for a free consultation.